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Well, most of it.

ety3rd: Kobol & Beyond -- This is my basic blog.  I write about all my upcoming projects and post covers, maps and more.  For my books, I treat this blog like DVD special features.  You can learn the backstory of the books, get big, full-color versions of the art I make, read deleted scenes and much, much more.

ety3rd on Twitter -- I tweet several times a day and not just for the purposes of pimping my books.  I tweet about stuff I like, movie news, TV news, stuff I'm watching and so on.

ety3rd on Facebook -- Be among the very first to see new art and get links to my stuff as soon as it's ready.

ety3rd on Tumblr -- Still known as "How to Raise a Geek," this is the place for cool pics, videos, stories and more relating to TV, movies and other geekery.  Plus, movie reviews by my son and me.

ety3rd on Instagram -- I don't take many pics, but I do share them from time to time.  If you follow Instagram more than Facebook or Twitter, this is a good way to get the basics of my announcements and such.

On Goodreads -- Please, rate and review my work.  Doing so helps increase the visibility of my work and convinces other people to read it.  (That goes for every website where you get my books; rate and review me all over the web.)